The Playground Theatre
W10 6RQ
The Playground Theatre, situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea W10, is a unique creative space that originated from a former bus depot. Established in 1999 by the Funder and Artistic Director Peter Tate, as a haven for innovative theatre artists across various disciplines, the theatre's primary purpose is to provide a platform for these artists to "play" with imaginative ideas. The Playground Theatre is envisioned as a dynamic space where artists from diverse backgrounds converge to foster collaboration and craft innovative, daring, and imaginative works within a secure environment. Our mission is to champion the incubation and collaboration of new works on both the international and national stages, cultivating a fertile ground for creativity. We are committed to exploring new multicultural, artistic, and stylistic languages in performance, pushing boundaries and redefining the artistic landscape. Through our performances, projects, and partnerships, we actively contribute to the vibrant multicultural tapestry of the present moment.
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8 Latimer Industrial Estate

Greater London

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Telephone: +442089600110



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