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Online Broadcast

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At Voila! Europe, we love to see artists combining various languages, cultures, genres, and technologies. Many Voila companies already use online tools and remote rehearsals to create theatre with far-flung company members, and we know that this moment of global crisis will inspire even more artists and companies to pursue collaborations beyond borders. 

Our parent venue, The Cockpit is developing online broadcasting possibilities during the pandemic, which will likely stay in place when the theatre is able to re-open. We aim to preserve theatre’s liveness and feeling of assembly, and translate that to online performances. As a multidisciplinary festival, we are also interested in the intersection of theatre and film, with the possibility of including pre-recorded or partly pre-recorded performances in the Voila! Europe live broadcast programme.

The Cockpit is using a variety of broadcasting tools, including Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook Live. The technical team is able to mix and broadcast multiple live and pre-recorded video streams within one performance. (Similar to a news programme, which cuts between a news anchor, live field reporters, and pre-recorded interviews.)

We can monetise performances either with virtual ‘tip jars’ (generally an artist’s personal paypal link) or with ticket sales (via The Cockpit’s usual box office system).

There are plenty of options for how to broadcast your piece. For example:

  • The performers and audience can be together in Zoom, from multiple locations.
  • The performers can be in Zoom and the audience can be watching on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Performers can be in one location, broadcasting on Facebook Live.
  • You can provide a pre-recorded video - or video segments that the technician can play in between live performance streams. This can include materials that would usually be for projection/still images/music/special effects.
  • Or maybe you have another idea? We are open to discuss any possibilities and challenges, so that we might continue to find more ways to broadcast shows.

Each of these options presents its own unique artistic possibilities and limitations. You may wish to hear the audience reaction (which is possible in Zoom using the Original Sound settings), or run a post-show Q&A with the audience. You could allow the audience to chat on YouTube without the performers being aware of/distracted by the conversation. We are particularly interested in projects which use the features of their chosen technology in creative ways.

In any case, each performance location needs to have:

  • A phone or laptop to capture sound & video
  • High-speed internet connection
  • If possible, a non-performer to be in contact with The Cockpit’s technical team during the performance
  • If possible, sound, video, and lighting equipment beyond what is built into the computer or phone.


We will update this page as we learn more about online broadcasting. If you would like to discuss a specific project, please contact Amy & Sharlit: