Theatre in the Pound Scratch Night

Theatre in the Pound Voila Special

Theatre in the Pound is a not-for-profit “scratch night” designed to give theatre makers a low-risk opportunity to test out new work and be seen by the programming team at Voila! Europe.  

The venue offers: a technician for a 1-hour tech rehearsal on the day of the first performance and an operator for all performances.

Number of performances: 1 performance up to 15 minutes long, at the scratch night on 19 July OR 15 November 2021.

Digital Platform: The Cockpit’s Zoom account. It is possible to use plug-in softwares like OBS and ManyCam for additional visual effects. It is possible to provide a pre-recorded video of your performance to be streamed during the scratch night.

Capacity: 95 audience members as standard; as ticket sales increase, it is possible to upgrade the Zoom account to accommodate up to 500 audience members. 

Finance: Tickets are £1 and all revenue goes to The Cockpit to cover the costs of producing the scratch night. Theatre in the Pound companies do not need to pay the £200 festival deposit.

Location: online.

Contact: please direct questions to