Out of the Box Online


“Digital theatre” doesn’t just mean Zoom performances! We’re eager to hear your out-of-the-box ideas: a one-on-one show, a durational piece with the story told via text message, a phone call, a multi-device experience… the emerging possibilities of digital theatre are endless.

Please be as detailed as possible in your application, about how we can support your out-of-the-box idea, and how the audience will engage with the show. 

The venue offers: an advance technical meeting with our broadcast department, plus a technician for a 2-3 hour tech rehearsal and performances.

Number of performances: to be determined based on the nature of your show.

Digital Platform: Please let us know if you would like to use The Cockpit’s Zoom account or On Demand platform, or whether you have another platform in mind, eg, Wonder, Gather, email, phone, text messages, etc.

Capacity: to be determined based on the nature of your show.

Contract & Finance: The venue will contract the companies directly upon acceptance to the festival. Tickets would usually be £10, plus a booking fee of £1 per ticket - but our standard pricing is negotiable for out-of-the-box shows. There is no VAT applicable on ticket sales. The venue and the performing company will split the net box office 70/30 in favour of the company. Our box office income estimator (link here) is intended to give you a reasonable estimate of your show’s potential income.

Location: online/ out-of-the-box

Contact: we encourage you to get in touch about your out-of-the-box idea by email before you apply. Start with Amy at hello@voilafestival.co.uk