2100: A Space Novelty Image
Produced and presented by Cut Mustard Theatre
Norway, Australia, South Korea, UK
A hapless human, an unbeatable heroine and a Dark Lord bent on universal domination. Join Cut Mustard Theatre for a low-fi extravaganza through deep, deep outer space. With nothing but a Casio SA77 electronic keyboard and some good old fashioned good vs evil, audiences will be transported to a world of multilingual aliens, friendly robots, dramatic synth music, acrobatic monsters and a multitude of laser beams and explosions.
2100: A Space Novelty uses physical comedy to take audiences where no one has gone before! Using mime, live music and sound effects, multilingual characters and a healthy does of origami, this is a space show like no other. With a cast from diverse cultural backgrounds, let these hilarious actors entertain you. This minimalist, high-energy physical show is refreshing, unique and brimming with epic suspense!