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The pandemic has presented a challenge and an opportunity to expand what we mean by “theatre.” With our online programming, we aim to preserve theatre’s liveness and create a sense of community between artists and audiences. As a multidisciplinary festival, we are also interested in the intersection of theatre and film, mixing live and pre-recorded material.

Each digital performance platform (ie Zoom, Gather, Instagram, On-Demand, email, text message...) presents its own unique artistic possibilities and limitations. We are particularly interested in projects which use the features of their chosen technology in creative ways.

Please let us know why you think “live online interactive” is the best format for your show in your application.

The venue offers: an advance technical meeting with our broadcast department, plus a technician for a 2-hour tech rehearsal on the day of the first performance and an operator for all performances.

Number of performances: 2-3 performances on evenings, and/or daytime performances on weekends.

Digital Platform: The Cockpit’s Zoom account. It is possible to use plug-in softwares like OBS and ManyCam for additional visual effects.

Capacity: 95 audience members as standard; as ticket sales increase, it is possible to upgrade the Zoom account to accommodate up to 500 audience members. Please let us know how many audience members you think your show can hold, without compromising the quality of the live and/or interactive experience.

Contract & Finance: The venue will contract the companies directly upon acceptance to the festival. Tickets will be £10, plus a booking fee of £1 per ticket. There is no VAT applicable on ticket sales. The venue and the performing company will split the net box office 70/30 in favour of the company  Our box office income estimator (link here) is intended to give you a reasonable estimate of your show’s potential income.

Location: online.

Contact: please direct questions to