On Stage & On Demand

Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH


The Cockpit is an ideal venue for performances in the round, shows with large casts, and shows requiring high headroom. This might be dance, music, new writing, a play in translation, puppetry, comedy, or performance art.  The Cockpit is a purpose-built, well designed, intimate venue – in a big way. Please let us know why you think the Cockpit is the best space for your show in your application.

The venue offers: a technician for the 6-hour tech rehearsal on the day the show opens & an operator for all performances. The Cockpit in-house videographer will record 2 performances and create a live-mix video to be broadcast on-demand after the on-stage performances. Your tech rehearsal must include a full run-through of the show for the filming team.

Number of performances: 1, 2, 3, or 4 performances on evenings, and/or daytime performances on weekends. Filmed On-Demand broadcast to be available from 48 hours after the final performance until 1 December.

Configuration Options: The Cockpit can be configured in the round with seats on four sides, or in thrust with seats on three sides. The flexible auditorium offers a deep playing space with a high ceiling. While it is possible to propose end-on/proscenium or two-sided alley/traverse stagings, we prioritise productions that make full use of the venue’s potential. 

Overview of the auditorium

360 degree photos of the auditorium

Technical specifications of the auditorium

Capacity: 220 (in the round) or 160 (thrust) or 120 (end-on or traverse, achieved by seating a restricted number of audience in thrust layout). Please note, these capacities may be reduced by social distancing.

Contract & Finance: The venue will contract the companies directly upon acceptance to the festival. Tickets will be £15, plus a booking fee of £1 per ticket for live-on-stage performances. If social distancing is still in place, there will be special pricing to encourage people to book in Covid-safe groups.  For on-demand online viewings, tickets will be £5 plus a booking fee of £1 per ticket.

There is no VAT applicable on ticket sales. The venue and the performing company will split the net box office 50/50.  Our box office income estimator (link here) is intended to give you a reasonable estimate of your show’s potential income.

Location: Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH

Accessibility: This venue can accommodate a maximum of four wheelchair users. Sight-lines and acoustics are excellent.

Good to Know: The Cockpit has a bar and cosy lounge area, as well as rehearsal studios available to hire. The venue is central, a 7-minute walk from Marylebone, in a quiet neighbourhood.

Website: thecockpit.org.uk

Contact: please direct questions about the venue to: deb@thecockpit.org.uk