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Produced and presented by the Karavan Ensemble & Silvia Mercuriali
Italy / Portugal / UK
Performed in English with 
Italian, French & Portugese
55 minutes

How fair and square is our Human Rights Treaty? Join the ridiculously serious callers Yael and Silvia, in a surreal night of Bingo with visual treats and dancing beats. Print your bingo cards, grab a pen, and get comfy on your sofa... but not too comfy. Whatch out for the numbers take on hidden meanings and expose the flaws in the rules of the 'game'. Supported by Arts Council England.

Facebook: Yael Karavan & Silvia Mercuriali
Twitter: @KaravanEnsemble


19 November 7:30pm Buy Tickets
20 November 7:30pm Buy Tickets
21 November 7:30pm Buy Tickets